Nicki Minaj Awkwardly Asks Lil’ Wayne What His Favorite Sex Position Is — Watch

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Wayne chatted about sex positions on a new IG Live. Watch the clip.
Nicki Minaj put frequent collaborator Lil’ Wayne on the spot during an Instagram Live on July 8. The “Roman Holiday” rapper, 38, asked Wayne about his favorite sex position during their conversation on Thursday night, leading to a few more minutes of dissecting the best positions that would be more toe-friendly. No elaborations here. Watch the conversation in all its prying glory below to understand.
Back to that favorite sex position question, though. When asked about his favorite position, Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., 38, responded with a double entendre, musing about life and success. “On top,” the rapper said. “In any part of life, period. Not just the bedroom. Just on top.” Just call him a modern day Socrates.
Nicki’s IG Live comes after the rapper teased a “very very important” announcement just a few days prior, leading fans to theorize about the possibility of a new alb

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